Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Catching Up

Whew! Blogging is tiring!

Just cruising after a long day

Can I help you?

I look funny in this pic!

Since they won't let me dig in the yard, I'll just dig the carpet!

Whew! What a tough life! Here I am taking a break from digging!

I moved to a cooler spot in the kitchen. :)

Spying on the neighbors again!

Here is the balloon version of me!

And the Sims version of me!

Here I am chewing a piece of hard grass. Dad said I look like a micro-head. :)

I love my new fence!

Here I am waiting for a piece of chicken jerky. Notice how I'm not looking at the camera. Most dogs focus on their owner, but I only focus on food! :)

Chilling out on the futon.

Dad made me a snowball! Ha ha! Snowballs in Hawaii!!!