Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To My Story...

Time to destroy this toy!

Phew! This is a tough one!

Yes Dad...Are you talking to me?

So here’s a funny story! I have an obsession with bugs! I saw this funny looking long bug with a lot of legs. I had a bad feeling about him so I tried to fight him. I won, but he gave me a fat lip. Mom told me he’s called a centipede!

He stung the right side of my mouth, but only got me with one stinger.

Here I am from the front. Not too bad, eh?

Here I am watching tv.

Gimmie my tummy rub!

This is a classic myspace picture! :)

Lasted 2 minutes!

Dad said I'm endangered...

Mom thinks it's weird that I like to sleep under the futon!

Tummy rub please!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Hi Everypup! Well, it's time to show you the holidays around our house starting with my least favorite holiday...Halloween...

I hate Halloween!

Chillin on dad's lap

Pouting with my witch's hat

I hate clothes!!!

Somehow this toy lasted 2 days!

Don't ask me why dad did this...

Mom's always trying to get my picture...even when I'm sleeping!

Mom and dad went to Disneyworld and this is all I got! I hate it!!!

My favorite sport...people watching!

Whew! Wrapping presents can be so tiring!

Mom said I had to look my best for Christmas!

I loved my spam musubi toy from Aunty Ann! Dad thought it was time for me to give it up...

This toy was from my Aunty Tricia. It lasted 3 minutes!

Mom didn't want me to destroy this toy from Aunty Dale, so she told me a funny joke!

Ha ha! I got my spam musubi back. Destroyed it in 5 minutes!
Man, Christmas was tiring!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!

See you in my next post!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Growth Spurt

This next post shows when I had my growth spurt and grew 3 feet! Not really, but I did grow and I started to look different.

I can’t believe my mom made me wear this! At least it's my favorite color!

Anyway, notice anything different? I have glasses now! I don’t know how it happened, but I have these perfect circles around my eyes.

Here’s a few more pics of me and my glasses:

Hey Dad, get me outta here!

This was taken at my cousin Miki’s house. That’s my mom’s leg in the pic!

Mom being evil again and dressing me up in my cheongsam (Chinese dress).

I'm getting darker!

Dad just told me the dumbest joke, but I laughed anyway. :)

Can you believe how much I changed?

This was my awkward stage. My ears were growing faster than my body!

My Aunty Christie

I could sleep all day!

I love my treadmill!

Pooped after my workout!

Puffy face!

I'll post more later!

Getting To Know Me

Hi Everypup! I'm slowly updating my blog. I'm about a year and a half so I want to share all my adventures up to now. I'll post some pics and stories as I remember them! Enjoy!

Continuation from my first post:

I spent the next few weeks getting used to my new family and being the only pup in the whole house! I thought that was pretty special! Here are a few more pictures of me:
I love my ice cubes!!!

What a tough life I live!