Monday, August 25, 2008


Hi Everypup! Well, it's time to show you the holidays around our house starting with my least favorite holiday...Halloween...

I hate Halloween!

Chillin on dad's lap

Pouting with my witch's hat

I hate clothes!!!

Somehow this toy lasted 2 days!

Don't ask me why dad did this...

Mom's always trying to get my picture...even when I'm sleeping!

Mom and dad went to Disneyworld and this is all I got! I hate it!!!

My favorite sport...people watching!

Whew! Wrapping presents can be so tiring!

Mom said I had to look my best for Christmas!

I loved my spam musubi toy from Aunty Ann! Dad thought it was time for me to give it up...

This toy was from my Aunty Tricia. It lasted 3 minutes!

Mom didn't want me to destroy this toy from Aunty Dale, so she told me a funny joke!

Ha ha! I got my spam musubi back. Destroyed it in 5 minutes!
Man, Christmas was tiring!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!

See you in my next post!

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