Friday, August 22, 2008

The Beginning

Hi everypup! My name is Mochi and I’m here to tell you about my life. It all started on February 3, 2007. I was born in Honokaa, Hawaii. My mommy, Sherri, found me in the classifieds and was the first one to call. Originally, she was planning to get my sister, Anela. When she saw the pictures of us, she knew that she wanted me!

Here I am with my sister, Anela:

Here are the pictures that convinced my mom that I was the one for her:

After my mom saw the pictures, she called and found out that I had already been reserved by someone on Kauai! Well, that person didn’t call back and that is how I ended up with them. My mom and dad found out that I would be able to come home the end of March which was perfect timing because my Aunty Christie was flying to Oahu that week! My grandpa, grandma, and aunty drove from Kona to Honokaa to pick me up. Here I am on my way to Kona:

I ended up staying in Kona for 3 days! I loved it there! They let me do what ever I wanted! I got to poop where I wanted to, sleep where I wanted to, and play with everything in sight. Well, that came to an end and my Aunty Christie took me home to Oahu, Hawaii. She was able to carry me on the plane, but had to put me under the seat in front of her. Here I am sleeping in my carrier, waiting to board the plane:

Now you may think that I was uncomfortable, but really, I had a lot of room. I think I was just in a weird angle in this picture. She arrived and I finally got to meet my new mommy and daddy!!! It was awesome, but I soon found out that I was not the boss anymore. They had rules! How could they give such a cute little monster, I mean puppy like me rules! Well, I had to poop outside, sleep in a crate and play only with designated toys. I don’t think I like that very much!

So this is how my first night in Wahiawa went. I got home, played with my new family and learned how to poop outside, played with my toys and ate dinner. Here I am on my first night there:

Then it was time for everyone to go to sleep. I got stuck in a crate! How rude! I was not going to take this sitting down. I cried as loud as I could. My aunty was getting worried so she woke up mommy and daddy. They said to leave me alone! I can’t believe it! So I decided to rebel against them! I pooped right in the crate. That was it! I was not going to have it. My aunty started screaming that something smelled really bad. On top of that, I stepped all over it! Ha ha, I finally had them…or so I thought. Guess what they did to me next! Yep, you guessed it! They gave me a bath!!! Oh, could my first day on Oahu get any worse!!! But I did get all kinds of loving, so I guess it was ok.


Tricia said...

Awww I missed seeing puppy Mochi. I wish she was small again. She's so cute.

chris said...

Wow! I wish I met Mochi when she was a small puppy! Just to see what she was like compared to when I really got to meet her at your house. Very well done blog! Nice pics, too. I laughed at a lot of your pic comments.