Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Riding In Cars

Hi everypup! Do you enjoy riding around in cars as much as I do? As soon as mom or dad says "Wanna go holoholo?" I know it's time to go! Holoholo is Hawaiian for going out. I love to ride in the car, but sometimes if there is stop and go traffic I get car sick. :(

Here I am riding in the car

Do you enjoy riding in cars as much as I do?




The Army of Four said...

Oh, yeah, Mochi! I LOVE going in the car! I like the sound of that "holoholo"! How cool!
Play bows,
PS: Have your mom try giving you a ginger snap cookie before you go to curb car-sickness. Something about the ginger helps soothe our tum-tums!

The Army of Four said...

Hey Mochi - I just realized we didn't have you in our sidebar of Cool Pals and I added you. I hope that's OK.